15 February 2005

Online Language Reference

Finding a good online dictionary for help with other languages was not as easy as I expected. Many well-meaning sites have a poor user interface, a limited vocabulary, and fatal flaws in the lookup process.

I was very pleased to findWordReference.com. The site offers lookups between English and French, Spanish and Italian, as well as definitions for English words. What makes it special is that, upon looking up a word, it also provides nearby words along with likely phrases. For example, when I looked up "eyes" in the English-to-Italian section, I also was offered the chance to look up a few words that come alphabetically before and after "eyes", starting with "eyeball" and ending with "facilitator". The list of phrases included "only have eyes for" (which, coincidentally, was the phrase I wanted to write), "in the eyes of the law", "with your eyes open" and others.

This is definitely worth bookmarking.

10 February 2005

Returning to College

Colleges have long considered any undergraduate student over the age of 25 to be "non-traditional". Now, however, these students constitute as much as 47% of college enrollment and are no longer perceived as unusual.

Back to College is a website with resources, information and links for returning students.

Adult students often face the same challenges as their younger counterparts, including choosing a major, seeking financial aid, and career concerns. They often outperform younger students, possibly because they are more likely to be self-motivated, and because many skills gained in the workforce can also be applied to schoolwork.

01 February 2005