29 October 2011

New forum!

ESC is moving from its old newsgroups to a new, web-based forum at http://www.edu-soft.org/forum. If you are a member, your username and password are being emailed to you, for access to the private sections of the forum.

20 October 2011

New Educational Software Initiative Launched by the White House

Last month, the White House launched Digital Promise, a new initiative to advance technologies to transform teaching and learning.

The three areas that Digital Promise will address are:

(1) Identifying breakthrough educational technologies.

The White House cites a DARPA/Navy "digital tutor" project that reduced dramatically the time needed to train people in IT skills. Digital Promise wants to find technology that can deliver similar results in subjects like math and science. Digital Promise will partner with private software and hardware companies to identify opportunities for educational breakthroughs.

(2) Learning faster what works and what doesn't work.

Internet startups are able to learn quickly what works and what doesn't work in their businesses. They rapidly evaluate their websites, make modifications, and continually improve their sites' effectiveness. By contrast, the R&D cycle in the field of education can take years, producing products and services that are already out of date when they're launched. Digital Promise will work with researchers and entrepreneurs to develop new approaches for rapidly evaluating new products and services.

(3) Transforming the marketplace for learning technologies.

There are more than 14,000 school districts in the United States, and nearly as many procurement systems. Software marketers have a difficult time figuring out how to sell software to schools. Digital Promise will work with school districts to create "smart demand" that makes it easier for schools to buy tech products and services. As it becomes easier to buy educational software, private companies will find it more attractive to invest in educational innovation.

For more information, visit the US Government's education site.

- by Al Harberg, the Software Marketing Glossary guy

04 October 2011

Member of the Month October 2011

Congratulations to our Member of the Month, Clint Bradford. Visit the Member of the Month page to learn more.