06 December 2012

Create and Keep Software Customers

Michael LeBoeuf, the author of the book "How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life," talks about selling products and services.

Many people believe that the main job of employees in general - and salespeople in particular - is to make sales. In reality, LeBoeuf tells us, the most important task of everybody in the company is to create and keep customers.

LeBoeuf makes a strong distinction between selling and helping people to buy. He says that traditional selling is manipulative - we try to persuade prospects to purchase the products or services that we happen to sell. Helping people to buy, on the other hand, means finding out what people really need and want, and helping them find these things.

People love to buy. They like to own things, and they feel empowered by spending money and acquiring stuff. But people don't like to be sold.

We take pride in the purchases that we're happy with, and we blame other people - typically, salespeople - for the purchases that we ultimately don't care for.

LeBoeuf tells us to find out what prospects want and need, help them buy these products and services, and make them feel good about their purchases.

   - by Al Harberg, the Software Marketing Blog guy

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Rosemary West said...

Al, this post now has the distinction of being the one most intensely targeted by spammers in the history of the ESC blog!