26 May 2006

ESC Newsgroups Have Moved

Last August, when the ESC's newsgroup servers were wiped out by
Hurricane Katrina, Sue Pichotta and AISIP very generously gave us a
home. We are extremely grateful for all the hospitality, kindness, and
support we have received here.

Now, the time has come for the ESC newsgroup to leave AISIP and
re-establish its own identity. Effective immediately, our newsgroups
have moved to a new location. Because we are still using the same
host, the method of accessing the groups, either with a newsreader or
through the web portal, will remain the same. I'd like to thank Mark
Carrington for his help in making this transition as smooth as

Because AISIP members are accustomed to having access to the ESC
newsgroups (and vice-versa), we will continue to make the groups
available to AISIP members for the next two months. We hope that
everyone will decide to stick around and become full-fledged members
of ESC.

Your current user name and password will be the same.

Server Name: esc.newsgrouphosting.com

esc.private is the ESC's members-only newsgroup (also currently
available to AISIP members)

esc.public is the ESC's public newsgroup

The server requires you to log on. It does NOT require Secure
Password Authentication.

You can access the web forums online, and change your
password at http://esc.newsgrouphosting.com/.

If you have any questions, please contact the webmaster

01 May 2006

Member of the Month

Congratulations to Roman Nikolaev of RomanLab Co. Ltd. He's the
Educational Software Cooperative Member of the Month for May,
featured at http://www.edu-soft.org/mom/.