12 October 2007

Something about...

Gisele Glosser joined ESC in 1998 and is a Contributing Member. She was Member of the Month in December 1998. Her company, Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies, provides math help, including interactive lessons, worksheets and puzzles. She won the ESC People's Choice Award for Best Educational Shareware in 2001. The website is www.mathgoodies.com.

Jorge Gonzalez is our newest member; he joined just a few days ago! His company, Athena Soft, develops software for teachers, students and school system administrators, including "multipliK12", an educational math game. The website is www.athenasoft.net.

Gautam Goradia joined ESC in 2001 and was Member of the Month in September 2002. His company, Remittag Software Company, offers study aid software, including the Yo-Vocab series of English vocabulary building tools. The website is www.remittag.com.

Andrey Grishaev is a new member, having joined ESC in June 2007. His company, Resort Labs, specializes in developing human to computer interaction systems. Products include Link Commander, Handy Folders and Task Commander. The website is www.resortlabs.com.

Alexander Gross joined ESC in 1996 and was Member of the Month in October 2001. His "Cross-Cultural Research Projects" include articles, translations and projects on topics such as language, linguistics and dramaturgy. The website is language.home.sprynet.com.

Tom Guthery IV joined ESC in 1993. He was our first Member of the Month in September 1995, and again in September 2005. In 1996 he won the People's Choice Award for Best Educational Shareware, and in 1999 the ESC award for Outstanding Achievement in Educational Software. In 2001 he was inducted into the Shareware Industry Awards Foundation Hall of Fame, and in 2003, the ASP Hall of Fame. Additionally, he won the SIAF award for Best Educational Program or Game in 1992 and 2001. Currently, Tom serves on the ESC Board of Directors and is our newsletter editor. If I have accidentally left out any of his achievements, it wouldn't be surprising; there are so many!

Tom's company, Flix Productions, makes animated educational software. The website is www.flixprod.com. Tom also produces medical animations, samples of which can be seen at www.medflix.com.

01 October 2007

Member of the Month Oct. '07

Congratulations to Randy McGowan of Reel Logix Inc. He is
the Educational Software Cooperative Member of the Month For
October, featured at www.edu-soft.org/mom.